Vahana - Mad about the southern West Indies

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The Tobago Keys are a small piece of paradise: the water is clear, the snorkeling enchanting... We were lucky to be few at anchor, between five and ten boats. We could swim with lots of fish, rays, turtles and even sharks. A beautiful place, one of the most beautiful we have visited in the Caribbean so far. This is also where we ate our best lobsters, at Romeo’s BBQ. A memorable taste experience. We then went down to the small island of Morpion where there is only... a parasol. The island is charming, and you can walk around it in less than a minute. We also went to Petit Saint-Vincent. It’s a very nice place, but it’s not possible to go ashore because it’s a private complex, where sailors are not allowed. We would have liked to visit the island of Mustique, but they impose a two-night quarantine on a buoy at more than $ 100, so we skipped that. We then went back to Bequia, where it was possible to revictual. We stocked up on fresh food and took the opportunity to buy lots of carambola. The whole family loves this star fruit that we eat fresh, in salads, on pizza, or even in cake. In Bequia, we also tasted ...

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