Vents d’Anges: the round the world trip under sail of the ‘food-wine' harmony

Published on 01 august 2014 at 0h00

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“We are leaving for three years as a family, to encounter women from all horizons, throughout the five continents. The door to their world? Sharing their meal with them, accompanied by a vintage French wine. We have called our project ‘Vents d’Anges’, a good name for a nice project. A whole family’s dream of sailing round the world, but not just that! Our aim is to share a passion for flavors from elsewhere and the wines from France, to create links with a woman at each stopover. Each time this will be the opportunity for a taste experience, a cultural opening experienced through a shared tasting: an intercultural and intergenerational emotion. Vent d’Anges will also tackle numerous subjects on its web site, open, simple and spontaneous exchanges in which everyone can participate: unexpected harmonies between dishes and wine, ‘street food’, the local produce, preparation of the hostesses’ dishes, tasting methods, and ...

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