Waterline, a catamaran faced with the rise in sea levels

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The desire to live on the water has been brewing for a long time. Already during his studies, Luc chose to be a skipper and a town planner. The idea consisted of one day creating an agency which would study the planning of the coastlines from the sea. Then Constance arrived, followed by three little ones, Roxane (8), Julie (6) and Arthur (3). And six months ago, Marie Soizic also came into our lives. Marie Soizic is our Catana 44, our catamaran – home – office for the years to come. In September we are going to cast off our mooring lines in Concarneau, and head for Senegal, the first of the fifteen coastlines vulnerable to the rise in sea levels which we are going to explore over three years. Our Waterline expedition, a sailing boat faced with the rise in sea levels, aims to improve knowledge, while increasing awareness of good practices in adapting the coastlines when faced with climate changes; we are therefore going to visit the places by sea, to meet the inhabitants, the local experts, and learn about the world’s different coastlines. The whole crew has got its sea legs. The children have all crossed the Bay of Biscay in a Mini 6.50 several times, and sailed through Brittany’s famous Raz de Sein at three months old. As for us, the parents, we love being at sea and discovering new territories, since the two of us delivered Luc’s parents’ boat from Malaysia to France. Preparing the expedition is already a very emotional period. We are impatient to get back to night watches, arriving on a new coast after 10 days at sea, meeting new cultures, and feeding on new scenery. Amazed at the idea that we are going to offer these new horizons to our three children.

Boat: Catana 44
Who: Roxane, Julie, Arthur, Constance & Luc.
Where: France

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