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Bagoù 7.0 - An Open, electric catamaran

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Constructed in epoxy plywood, this small day-boat is propelled by two electric motors. The deck plan, completely open, has no cabin. We were able to test sail the Bagoù during her first public presentation at last year’s La Rochelle boat show in France.

The Bagoù (the word means boats in the Breton language) meets the specifications established by Jérôme Clément, based in Brittany (in western France). This electrician who’s passionate about watersports saw a market for offering a simple and non-polluting dayboat. The plans were ordered from Julien Marin, who is familiar with plywood-epoxy construction - this material was chosen for its lightness and ease of use as it does not require molds. The catamaran configuration quickly became the obvious choice because of its two major advantages: excellent stability and low drag. The design combines inverted bows, a moderate waterline beam for the hulls (60 cm/24”) and a very pronounced inverted deck shear. This original design won’t necessarily have aesthetic appeal for everyone, but it can be credited with responding very accurately to multiple boating programs.

No cabin, so maximum deck area

Here’s the first radical choice: no cabin. This means you can take advantage of an unprecedented deck area for a 24-footer. Access on board is facilitated by the large central stern platform – this can even be used for access by wheelchair users. The side-decks are lined by bench seats, which...

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