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Catana 48

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Each builder has his own style and own technique. Catana is no exception and their signature can be recognized from a far off. Up until now, the basic lines for all Catanas have been drawn by the Australian architect Lock Crowther. The French side look after the interior layout and decoration and the details in collaboration with a production shop commited to optimization. The driving force at Catanas is a vocation without concessions to the notion of what a real multihull should be. By this we mean a multi not only fast downwind, but also to weather. This will, this leit motiv signed Crowther, but entirely adopted by the Catana team, has always been translated into boats with daggerboards. While the system is unusual, even unique among cruising catamarans, it is without doubt effective. As Thierry Goyard states, the required comfort should not be at the expense of performance.

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