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Nautitech 475 - The origin of the 482’s hulls...!

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If you find it still has a youthful, modern look, nothing is more logical; the design of the 475’s hulls was retained for the 47 and the brand-new 482... In short, the hulls are the best! And the rest?

We’d better tell you straight away: there are two 475s... The original model, and the one we discovered, which had been appreciably modified. Our catamaran, 16 years old, in fact benefitted from a completely redesigned exterior table, an aft platform extending the cockpit, and above all, a rigid bimini, incorporating the mainsheet. Nothing wrong with the table; it worked well for conviviality. On the other hand, the mainsail is no longer visible from the winch dedicated to trimming it. As for the superstructure grafted onto the stern, it guarantees fluid movement by going round the cockpit, but hits the sea whenever the boat rears up on a steeper wave... And what about the weight! We can never say it often enough, kilos are the multihull’s number one enemy... Fattening them up kills their performance. In short, you’ve understood, this ‘heavily’ modified version hardly convinced us. So let’s return to the original model, which is much more healthy and appealing. It was designed in 1995, for the needs of VPM, a large charter company... The first letter is the V for Bruno Voisard, the current boss of Nautitech, who took the company over after its ‘made by Dufour’ start: “at VPM we ...

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