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Outremer 55 - Round the world express

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MULTIHULLS WORLD EXCLUSIVE  - 55 is reminiscent of a mythical model in the history of Outremer, the brand created by Gérard Danson back in 1984. Picking up on this vintage is therefore a challenge - a bit like what’s happening with the new Lagoon... 55! The aim of this new Outremer 55 is to offer the same level of performance as her illustrious predecessor, while providing the volume and level of comfort to correspond with the expectations of anyone signing on for ocean cruising in the 21st century. Multihulls World was the first to get aboard to ensure that this 55 is indeed the worthy heir to the... 55.

Test location: La Grande Motte, France
Conditions: sea state slight, wind 8 to 25 knots

Looking at the first digital images unveiled in January 2019, the new Outremer 55 looked like she was going to mark a significant evolution within the very consistent range (45, 51 and 59 feet) developed by the manufacturer since 2008. In the words of Xavier Desmarest, Outremer Yachting’s CEO, there is a fierce determination not to fall into the Saab syndrome. The iconic Swedish car brand disappeared because it failed to renew itself. Why didn’t they change course? Probably for fear of losing their historical customers. When Xavier talks about this new 55, he talks about “a changing world” and the “need to have a fresh eye to adapt to the times”. The approach is all the more commendable given that the team in charge of the project has called on a high-flying trio (VPLP, Le Quément, and Darnet Design) but this is a trio that has already worked regularly for the brand, notably on the 5X. Will the dream team be able to pull off this renewal? By wanting to offer more space and more comfort, wasn’t there a risk that the catamaran would become too heavy to still guarantee the incomparable pleasu...

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