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Rapier 400 : In Open and Sport mode!

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British yard Broadblue Catamarans offers a 40 foot model which is light, performs well and is built for the great outdoors… the Rapier 400 is an original catamaran, and here are the full results of our test. 

It’s often forgotten just how much British designers contributed to the development of early production catamarans and trimarans.  And today, looking at the Rapier 400 on the dock, we  discover a modern, clever, innovative and above all, lightweight boat.  A 40 foot catamaran which is near enough half the weight of the majority of multihulls this size, though it’s true, they may offer more in terms of comfort…
At first sight, it brings to mind an image that we’ll be sailing on a modern Louisiane or Outremer 40!

The meticulous construction is carried out in Poland - a country which, for a long time now, has shown an impressive level of boatbuilding competence and skill, and which is home to the latest hi-tech production facilities.  The hulls and deck are a vacuum-built sandwich with foam core.  The underwater hulls, for greater shock-resistance and optimal ease of repair, are in monolithic polyester.  As for the skegs, they are added on, so as to offer increased floatation in the event of taking on water - the 400 is also fitted with structural watertight bulkheads.  In addition, if the skegs sustain any damage - a coral bommie, for example - the hulls wouldn’t be affected.  A ...

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