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TS3: A very simple cat… yet a very attractive one

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Some multihulls go beyond innovative – they tear up the rule book: their underlying characteristics link them to that previous culture, but their creative originality sets them apart and opens up new horizons. The TS3 could well be one of those!

Sensational multihulls

Christophe Barreau succeeded Lock Crowther as naval architect for Catana. He went on to develop the One Off 45, the Absolus, the Outremer 49/51, 45 and 4X. However, while developing increasingly large, luxurious, high-performance boats laden with equipment, he regularly escaped on board either minimalist versions of his boats, or on other sporty craft, to some radical destinations - which shows a certain independence of mind from more conventional cruising plans! This professor of the Paris School of Architecture nevertheless continues to design sensational multihulls. Take the TS, as in Très Simple (Very Simple in French) ... Well it is in his mind at least! The 50 was the fastest production cruising multihull of its generation (in the 50’/15m category. Francis Joyon regularly covered more than 400 miles a day with his vessel! Then came the TS52, followed by the much admired 42, and the TS5, which succeeded the 50-52. This turbulent family shares the same genes: inspired hulls; aft-set coachroof; limited weight; chassis stiffness; powerful sailplan and appendages designed for feel at the helm. Christophe readily admits to his fascination for the seascape...

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