WorldCat 280CC-X

An american Concept-cat that's coming to Europe!

The WorldCat 280CC-X brings American quality standards for anglers seeking performance and dedicated accessories. By adopting two hulls, it manages to preserve comfort for passengers who are more familiar with relaxation and conviviality. A future assured in the USA – and undoubtedly a promising one in Europe.

Test : Arcachon (France)
Conditions : 15 knots, slight sea

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Though the principle of the catamaran has long since conquered the world of sailing, its appearance in the world of powerboats is more recent, and mostly focused on large cruising boats - 40 feet and above. For smaller boats, the multihull concept has exploded in the United States with pontoon boats and is gaining market share among fast offshore fishing craft. In Europe, it’s taken longer to get going... If we’re presenting the 280CC-X here, it is because this boat, which is part of a range of a dozen models, is destined for a more international career. As the first WorldCat to be officially approved in Europe, the 280CC-X is being distributed on the Old Continent – but it is soon to be followed by a 40-foot model, then a smaller 23-footer. The WorldCat 280CCX (CC for center console and X for latest generation) is at the heart of the WorldCat family and combines everything that makes powercats so interesting.
When viewed at sea from the deck of another boat sailing parallel,there’s nothing immediately apparent to distinguish the WorldCat 280CC-X from any standard American fishing boat: There’s fairly significant freeboard with a bow well projected forward, a central helm station...

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