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Handling your catamaran - 2022 Edition - Interactive PDF

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The essentials to know to handle your catamaran safely.

This didactic guide is intended for all boaters, crew members, charterers or new catamaran owners, who wish to familiarize themselves with the particularities of multihull maneuvers as they approach their cruises.
It aims to remind the main instructions and basic maneuvers on board a cruising multihull.

Editor's opinion: This is the latest edition of a guide enriched with 8 videos and the film WIND, which could prove very useful to all those who leave for a week's sailing on charter, or those who wish to have at hand a small reminder that will withstand the sea spray and can remain on the chart table all year round.

It covers the main catamaran maneuvers, whether in port or at anchor, but also how to hoist the sails or reef them, or how to manage the daggerboards and a host of other useful tips.

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