Taking a reef

Published on 27 november 2008 at 0h00

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The wind is increasing

The wind is increasing; it is time to take a reef… The easiest way is to bring the boat onto a beat, to make the manoeuvre easier. Free off the mainsheet traveller a little, than the mainsheet a little. You will then have to take in the main halyard to free it from the jammer.

Open the jammer

Next open the halyard jammer…

Let the mainsail come down

… whilst keeping a turn round the winch, let the mainsail come down to the level of the first reef.

Hook on the reef

All that remains is to hook on your reef, then close the halyard jammer again.

Take in the main halyard

Take in the main halyard again, then the reefing line and finally the main traveller ...

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