Test yourself: Are you ready to take on a transat?

Published on 01 february 2017 at 0h00

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1 - Living aboard, leaving sight of land for several days and a feeling of living life at your own pace. For you, crossing an ocean, is:

A - A scary prospect. But how are you going to manage for 15 to 20 days on a boat?
B - A challenge. How will you react to such a new situation?
C - Exciting. At last you’ll find what you love: taking charge of the boat and your responsibilities!

Test Yourself-transat

The Transat, or How to leave Europe in winter and be in the Caribbean sunshine in less than a month!

2 - Especially on a long trip, the boat needs maintenance. And for you that implies:

A - It’s not the best part of the trip, but there’s no choice, it’s got to be done…
B - Fixing, preparing, improving, there’s always something to be done…
C - Preparation, that’s for before you set off. After, you’ve just got to manage any problems!

Test Yourself-transat

Downwind, mid-Atlantic: life’s good!

3 - Two to three weeks at sea, that’s what you can expect for a transat. And at sea, mealtimes are…

A - But where are we going to go shopping?
B - A moment of conviviality between the crew. A time to make the most of?
C - Essential. They are the basis of keeping crew morale high, and making sure they are always ready to react as they need to!

Test Yourself-transat

Before departing from the Canaries on a transat, you’ve got to leave your mark on the dock. Just like our journalist Gilles Ruffet on his last crossing!

4 - During a transat, you’re supposed to be pushed along by the trade winds. But sometimes you still ...

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