Quizz: Which is the best boat for you?

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Which is the best boat for you ?

Aim: to have fun whilst sailing fast!

1 – For you, a boat is:

A: A pleasant means of transport which allows you to live your dream of travelling...
B: Your passion, your reason for living and your ultimate pleasure on this pretty blue planet, which you like exploring in all directions...
C: A rocket, pleasure in its purest form, an adrenaline machine… A machine capable of covering over 300 miles in a day, in normal conditions, and with which you can do 20 knots if necessary.

2 – The voyage is:

A: A dream, an aim, a real necessity. The means aren't important; it's the result which counts.
B: A means of enjoying your boat to the full and living at sea!
C: Isn't that the strange moment between the start and finish of a transatlantic race?

3 – The boat, especially on a long cruise, will also require maintenance work. And that means:

A: It's not the best part of the programme, but we have no choice, it has to be done!
B: Maintaining, preparing, improving, there is always something...
C: Preparation happens before the start; afterwards you just have to know how to deal with the damage!

4 – Meal time!

A: At sea, most of the time is spent preparing and thinking up the next meal… It's the basis of the crew's good morale!
B: The only problem is that at over 10 knots, you can't fish with a trailing line!
C: There has been incredible progress in dehydrated foods in just a few years; they are nice, and easy to stow.

5 – At anchor, you like:

A: To invite all your boat-friends for an aperitif.
B: Get as close as possible to the beach... Hoorah for daggerboards!
C: Arrive first! Nothing is as nice as victory:)

6 – Encounters go with the voyage. What do you think?

A: Why go away if it's not to get to know and exchange with others? It's really an aim to be achieved!
B: We leave to discover other worlds, other cultures and above all, lots of people. The more there are, the better it is.
C: We can't imagine cruising and sailing without exchanging with other sailors. Otherwise, why leave?

7 – A successful manoeuvre is:

A:With all control lines returned to the cockpit; it's so easy, your eldest son looks after them...
B: A moment of pleasure shared with the crew. Well prepared and well executed, manoeuvring brings the crew closer together.
C: A fast manoeuvre executed like a ballet. Aboard, it is a pleasure.

8 – For you, a nice passage is firstly:

A: Memories galore, aperitifs with friends at sunset, warm night watches in the saloon.
B: A crossing with an average speed of over 10 knots, under full sail, even at night…
C: Free the sheets, you're a coward!

9 – In a wonderful world with no time or budget limits, what would be your ideal itinerary?

A: Round the world of course, in 5 years, to enjoy it to the full.
B: Round the world in three years. Once completed, return to our favourite destinations, with more time to enjoy them...
C: No doubt: the Rhum or the English Transat, singlehanded!

10 – Your ideal ...

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