Aero 48: a totally independent boat

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To supply the electric motors, the builder has opted for a large area of very high output solar panels, as well as two hydrogenerators. According to the calculations, the Aero 48 will be completely self-sufficient under motor, at a speed of 4 knots...
When it is sailing, the 48-foot cat will re-charge its batteries thanks to its motors, acting as hydrogenerators, which, with help of the solar panels and wind generators, will allow the battery bank to be completely recharged in 15 hours!
Thanks to a 100% epoxy/pre-impregnated sandwich construction (including the interior accommodation) the Aero 448 should not exceed 7.2 tonnes, unladen, to optimise performance under sail or motor.
The n°1 is being built for a Swiss customer who intends to sail in the Pacific.


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