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Bali Catspace: The most comfortable of the 40-footers

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 In addition to having exceptional volume for her size - both in the nacelle and in the hulls - the smallest boat in the Bali range offers the luxury of a helmstation and sail handling controls installed on the flybridge. The forward cabins, often less well designed than the aft cabins on catamarans of this length, offer athwartships berths here – so there's no more fighting over the allocation of cabins! The use of the deck area is maximized thanks to the solid forward cockpit and the aft platform that connects the two sugarscoops. The Bali concept remains the guiding principle on board the Catspace, with its pivoting-tilting door, self-tacking jib, opening bay windows and large storage capacities - water, fuel and refrigeration. A power version of this model has been announced.



Builder: Bali Catamarans

Architects: Lasta Design Studio

Interior Design: Lasta Design Studio

Length: 12.33 m (40’5”)

Waterline length: 11.80 m (38’9”)

Beam: 6.59 m (21’7”)

Light displacement: 9.2 t (20,300 lbs)

Draft: 1.10 m (3’7”)

Number of cabins: 3/4

Water: 700 l (185 US gal)

Diesel: 400 l (105 US gal)

Motors: 2 x 20/30 HP

Price: € 295,370 ex-tax

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