Cat600 PJOA - A little vintage catamaran for home-build

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The deep V hulls, like the early Hobie Cats, do without daggerboards, and the small rudders lower and raise depending on the depth of water. The rig (crab-clawed sails, of course) is designed to ensure perfect course-keeping. Mini fins parallel to the surface reduce pitching and act as steps when you’ve taken the ground. A berth in each hull is provided; the trampoline can offer two extra places once the custom-designed tent is set up. Glued plywood construction takes a few hundred hours in total, but each hull can be completed in a week or two depending on your skill levels. The Cat600 is easily dismantled for transport on a trailer.
Length: 20’8” (630 cm)
Beam: 13’2” (402 cm)
Draft: 18” (45cm) with 2 people on board or 22” (55cm) with 890 lb (400 kg) on board
Rigged weight: approx. 555 lb (250 kg)
Weight of each hull: 187 lb (85 kg)
Crew: 2-4 people (maximum load 890 lb/400 kg)
Sail area: 130/150/172 sq ft (12/14/16 m²)

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