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Class 6 Power: The aim: one liter per nautical mile!

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After two years of sea trials, the builder has validated the original “Smart Hybrid” powertrain. In other words, an electric engine in one hull, a diesel engine in the other. The idea is to take advantage of all the benefits of electric propulsion - no pollution, no noise pollution, the possibility of sailing in protected areas - and of the longer offshore range guaranteed by the diesel propulsion. The fineness of the hulls, combined with a displacement of 11.5t (25,350 lbs), ready to sail, thanks to the composite/carbon construction, allows for minimal consumption: one liter (just over ¼ US gallon) per nautical mile at 10 knots! To achieve this spectacular result, the yard's team opted, to port, for a large-displacement diesel motor (3.4 l minimum) whose power is exploited at low revs thanks to a variable-pitch propeller with large blades. As for the electrical system, to starboard, this was entrusted to OceanVolt with a 15 kW motor coupled to a 19 kW lithium battery pack. A “Full Electric” version will also be available. All sorts of customization are possible: solar panels, a rig with a short mast, kite wings etc. Professional-use versions suitable for diving, for hotels or even expeditions are also included in the Latvian yard's catalogue.


Class 6 Power Technical specifications:

Builder: O Yacht

Design: Dan Levy/Laurent Bourgnon

Naval Architect: ST Yachts Design

Length: 19.12 m (62’9”)

Waterline length: 18.96 m (62’3”)

Beam: 9.05 m (29’8”)

Light displacement: 11.5 t (25,350 lbs)

Load capacity: 8 t (17,640 lbs)

Water capacity: 800 to 1,500 l (210 to 395 US gal)

Diesel capacity: 800 to 3,500 l (210 to 925 US gal)

Starboard electric motor: 15 kW

Port side combustion engine: 82 to 110 HP

Cruising speed: 10 knots

Max speed: 13 knots

Price: from €1,290,000 ex-tax


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