Conquering the North Pole…

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Yes, but Sébastien Roubinet is not the kind of man who admits defeat. During his visit to our stand at the last Paris Boat Show, the adventurer confirmed that he would be setting off again, in a new boat which he is building. This new 'Babouche' (the new name hasn't yet been revealed) will be a little bit more comfortable (with even a small electric heater aboard), but above all, should perform much better on the pack ice.
The departure from Alaska is planned for next July, for a 3,000 km crossing on the pack ice to Spitsbergen aboard a cross between a sport cat and an ice yacht! For this new adventure, Sébastien will be accompanied by Vincent Berthet, 32, a specialist in the world of the sea, expeditions and the polar regions.   
Our fingers are crossed for them!


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