CX, the fast AND comfortable cat!

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Designed by Erik Lerouge and CX Design, the CX 170, which will soon be in the water, is a light and above all ultra-fast catamaran, but one which hasn't for all that abandoned the comfort which is essential aboard a blue water cruising catamaran. Amongst its main features, we find: hulls which can be beached (no daggerboards), a single steering position, a self-rotating carbon wing mast, a self-tacking jib, electric winches and roller furlers, a generator and air conditioning as standard, etc. In short enough to go fast (we already knew that Lerouge could do that), but in a very comfortable boat. Moreover, the designers wanted to send a personal message:
"Thanks to big Erik (Lerouge), who finally agreed to make some concessions to comfort..."
That says it all!


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