Fantastic Joyon

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Well, in the middle of summer, Francis Joyon embarked singlehanded aboard his faithful trimaran, IDEC, and literally shattered the 24-hour singlehanded record. 668 miles, or 1237 kilometres, is the distance covered by the skipper in 24 hours, giving an incredible average speed of 27.83 knots!  
The skipper left from La Trinité sur Mer and set a course for the Azores in an attempt to beat the record held by Thomas Coville since 2008, with 628.5 miles.
"I attacked flat out, and after a while, the swell became more organised and the wind got up to 32 knots. It was extremely dangerous. The boat was constantly on the limit. I didn't steer. I spent 24 hours standing in my cockpit with the mainsheet in one hand and the jib sheet in the other. When the boat was slowed by a wave, I freed one or the other..."
What a sailor!

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