FELCI CAT 80 - Full-comfort blue water cruising

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The result is a very elegant catamaran topped by a flybridge 16 feet (5 meters) off the water - where you will find the helm station and maneuvering console, along with a sunbathing area and a jacuzzi. The nacelle is open to the cockpit, which invites you to take a swim with its very gently sloping steps. The planned high-tech construction will use carbon in order to maintain a light displacement and to ensure a dimensionally stable and sturdy structure. The Felci CAT 80 will be available with or without daggerboards - in both cases, with the powerful rig set back, and 8 knots will be reached in the lightest of airs.

Naval Architects: Felci Yachts Design
Length: 78’9” (24 m)
Beam: 39’4” (12 m)

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