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GLIDER YACHTS S18 – James Bond’s yacht

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The ambition of the founder, Robert McCall, is to provide new references as far as speed, comfort and fuel economy are concerned, by developing the S18 on the basis of an original wave-piercing catamaran with long floats and a nacelle perched high up on its legs, just like a spider. Its futuristic, ultra-designed looks would make it without hesitation the ideal boat for James Bond.

The very long (18 m) blade-shaped hulls house four 300 hp Yamaha engines, with propulsion by hydrojet allowing it to reach 56 knots and more than 80 once equipped with turbines. For efficient aerodynamics, all the technical equipment, such as the aerials and the radar, are built into the nacelle, which represents just a third of the total length, thus offering reassuring stability. The S18, designed for a driver and four passengers is currently serving as a test boat, and is carrying out numerous rotations, as it could be an alternative to the helicopter. The aim in the future is to offer a 24 m limousine with a closed cabin to transport a dozen people, with diesel engines this time. Then a line of yachts of from 35 to 80 meters could see the light of day soon, again with hydrojet propulsion. Its excellent passage through 1.5 m waves and the silence in the nacelle, well away from the engines, marks it out for the Luxury Yachting world, and a 35-metrer GT version with 4 passenger and crew cabins is being studied. A 270° panoramic owner's suite is possible, but the nacelle's interior can be completely customized, given the absence of structural bulkheads. Finally, although it can reach 43 knots, and 60 with turbines, it will have an operating radius of 2,500 miles at 30 knots!


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