GreenCat 605: the first one has been launched

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Fully equipped, this 61-foot cat only weighs 13 tonnes unladen, thanks to its carbon-kevlar construction. At African Cats, the term Green Motion means that the boat has electric motors, with a retractable system to limit drag. 12 lithium batteries give the cat a range of 40 miles before the generator has to be started, whilst the bimini is equipped with eight 300W solar panels, and at the top of the carbon mast, there is a 500W wind generator. Enough to give you a good range!  
The other catamaran which has recently come out of the yard, the FastCat 445 ‘Sabine’, was timed by its new owner at over 20 knots (21.45, to be precise) on one of its first outings... Not bad!

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