Multi-ownership, a promising future?

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Now the charter company is launching a new concept, the ‘Multi Copropriété Accompagnée'.
The principle is as old as the sea itself: why buy a boat alone if you are only going to use it for a few weeks or months per year, whilst it would be so easy to share the expenses and the use. Yes, but how do you go about it? Éric Vasse is offering to take care of everything. The principle is as follows: each boat belongs to from 2 to 4 co-owners, the boat is not chartered, and the programme is set up over 4 years. Everything is included in the purchase: insurance, the harbour berth, maintenance... Each co-owner uses the boat pro rata, according to his investment, in the area of the West Indies, with Martinique as a base. And as the icing on the cake, Punch Croisières guarantees to buy the boat back at the end of the 4 years...
To give you an idea, on the basis of 4 co-owners, a well-equipped Nautitech 442 in its private owner's version would cost 150,000 euros per person, and a Lagoon 400 a bit more than 110,000 euros, on the same basis.  
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