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O Yachts Class 6

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The weight specification has been perfectly respected, as the boat weighs 13.5 tonnes unladen, which is rather flattering for an 18.5-metre catamaran! On the water, the O Yacht Class 6 slips along gently, and should quickly show speed potential worthy of the best. To be continued…

The number 1 in the series is on the way to Canet en Roussillon, where the accommodation specific to its program will be fitted. It should then be exhibited to the public at the Multihull Boat Show at La Grande Motte, in April 2019, before its owners set off on a long voyage around the world. In the meantime, it can be seen and even tested in the south of France, by asking the builder.

The number 2 is well advanced, as it will be decked in the coming weeks.

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