ORMA 60': the high points

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C Star 1988, Philou wins, the 60's shatter the record!

The Observer throws in the towel, Carlsberg becomes the brand associated with the Transat! The open formula advocated by the French showed its limitations during the 86 Rhum and the 18.28m (60’) size dominates, proving the British organisers right. The 1988 edition of the Transat marks the opening of the Open 60’ class. Philippe Poupon crosses the North Atlantic in 10 days and 9 hours, overwhelming UMUPRO JARDIN/Yvon Fauconnier (16d 23h in 1984). The first eight are all in 60-footers and only 2 catamarans remain: VSD/B.Peyron, GERARD HENON/H.Mabire.

Rhum 1990, Florence is queen

Taking part for the 3rd time, Florence made a clean sweep! She had the winning project: with Patrick Maurel, (her prospective manager), she was able to choose and realise the best boat. Her experience allowed her to snatch victory despite breakdowns and health problems. With 3 competitors snapping at her heels, (Philou, Mike and Laurent), she crossed the line in 14 days and 10 hours.

Europe 1 Star, Loick Peyron’s double in the English Transat

In 11 days 1 hour 35 minutes in 1992 and 10 days 5 minutes in 1996, the man who did most to develop the 60-footers between 1990 and 2000 won two successive transats. Paul Vatine was condemned to second place in both these editions!  

Mich Desj., the only person to win the Transat AND the Rhum.

Aboard GEANT, the ‘teacher’, who already had the 2001 Vendée Globe in his pocket, made a clean sweep of the 2 major events, in 8d 8h 29m for the Transat and 13d 7h 53m for the Rhum.

Laurent Bourgnon: the fastest singlehander under sail

From 28th to 29th June 1994, Laurent ensured his domination over the other 60-footers by shattering the record for the distance covered in 24h: 540 miles! During this return transat, he also beat the record for the singlehanded crossing, in 7d 2h 34m.

Laurent Bourgnon, 1994 and 1998: 2 Rhums or nothing!

Laurent, the tightrope walker! The magician who started the 90 Rhum in the lead, speeding at nearly 30 knots towards the Cap Frehel buoy, missed victory in his first participation (exploded daggerboard case). Powering along at an average of 22 knots on one hull, the evening before the finish, he explained that like this he didn’t have to pump to empty the central hull! In 94, he won in 14 days 6 hours (Paul Vatine was second again!) and in 12 days 8 hours in 98.

The apocalypse of the 2002 Rhum

Eighteen 60-footers at the start, most of which were recent machines, and only 3 at the finish! This edition appeared to mark the apogee of the high-tech trimarans – it was a disaster…with no loss of life, fortunately!

Rhum 2006, Lionel Lemonchois stuns his opponents

20 knots average, the Atlantic in 7 days!!! Days covering more than 500 miles and top speeds of 35 knots! Lionel Lemonchois’ race was a model of intelligence, strength, purity and remains a unique feat!  

The ORMA championship winners since its origin

1996 : Loick Peyron FUJICOLOR
1997 : Loick Peyron FUJICOLOR
1998 : Laurent Bourgnon PRIMAGAZ
1999 : Loick Peyron FUJICOLOR II
2000 : Franck Cammas GROUPAMA
2001 : Franck Cammas GROUPAMA
2002 : Loick Peyron FUJIFILM
2003 : Franck Cammas GROUPAMA
2004 : Franck Cammas GROUPAMA
2005 : Pascal Bidégorry BANQUE POPULAIRE
2006 : Franck Cammas GROUPAMA

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