Rallye des Îles du Soleil

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After stopovers in Madeira, the Canaries and Cape Verde, the twenty or so boats expected will cross the Atlantic to Salvador de Bahia, before sailing up the Brazilian coast to Belem, where the trans-Amazon part will begin... A real human adventure then, but one where the rally's philosophy for the past 20 years - 'free, but not alone!' – will have a place of honour.  
A month in the Cape Verdes, a couple of weeks to cross the Atlantic, before tackling the exceptional part of this rally and the sail up the north-east coast of Brazil, not forgetting the visit to the magic archipelago of Fernando do Noronha, which some people call Brazil's Galapagos. The whole programme is attractive, but it's the Amazon part that will inevitably remain in the memories of those lucky enough to experience this adventure. Numerous stopovers throughout the trip, as well as a cruise in the narrowest tributaries of the Amazon, will be the opportunity to discover this out of the ordinary natural area, its lush flora and above all the incredible warmth of its inhabitants. After thirty days' cruising on this mythical river, it will be time to leave each other, and for most of the crews to head for the West Indies (which are so close), to continue their adventures...


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