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Route du Rhum J2 : The perfect storm

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48h after the start from St Malo,  "all together, between those who stopped, and those who are on their way to shelter, we have 36 boats out" says Jacques Caraës, Race Director.

Only the Ultimes escaped the worst conditions thanks to their amazing speeds. François Gabart onboard Macif is still ahead of solid Francis Joyon on Idec and Banque Populaire skippered by Armel Le Cleac'h, sailing further North in a different weather system.

The Multi50 leaders also avoided the strongest winds but the two leaders, Lalou Roucayrol on Arkema and Armel Tripon on Réauté Chocolats prefered anyway to shelet in Porto, leaving the leadership to  Thierry Bouchard, tout sailing North-West onboard Ciela Village.

A North route that proves to be a good option for the three followers of  Pierre Antoine on Olmix in the  Rhum Multi Class, while many skippers, including Loïck Peyron himself, prefered to hide till the worst of the storm is gone.

There is at least 24 heures to wait for those who are still at sea, before, everybody hope, they can leave the survival mode and come back to race mode. Stay tuned...

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