Salvation’s Islands

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French Guiana… Not very inspired by the idea of putting up with oppressive humidity and the strong river currents, despite everything we stopped for a short stay of one month during our round the world voyage as a family.

There are not many anchorages, and most of them are dangerous. The seabed is often 90% made up of a very volatile mud, which means that it’s not the anchors which come unstuck, but complete slabs of mud… Not ideal for a serene anchorage!

Fortunately, just a few miles away from the Kourou River, there are the Salvation’s Islands. It’s here that we found the only pleasant, reliable anchorage in the area.

Three small islands form this archipelago: Royale, Saint Joseph and Devil’s Island.

The biodiversity here is amazing, with numerous primates such as the squirrel monkeys or the capuchins, multi-colored birds among the humming birds and the macaws, and the cute agoutis, small mammals which at first sight appear like a cross between a rabbit and a rat!

These ...

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