The 101st Seawind 1160 built in Vietnam

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Thus for the 14th Seawind Pittwater Regatta, the company was able to present the 101st Seawind 1160 hull, and above all, the first to have been entirely built in Vietnam.  
This relocation of the production has allowed the builder to drastically reduce its production costs and thus offer a more competitive sale price on the world market. The Seawind 1160 is now being offered at 413,537 US$ exc. taxes (ex-builder).
In 2010, Seawind bought out Corsair Marine, to find a solution to the rapid rise in production costs, partly due to the strong value of the Australian dollar compared to the US dollar and the euro. Corsair Marine was itself obliged to leave the USA for Vietnam for the same reasons, 6 years ago now…


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