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A fantastic invitation to go cruising, it is presented as a semi-flexible colour book, with a spring binding. It remains very easy to handle, despite its generous format (30 x 44cm), is perfectly suited to frequent consultation, and replaces the essential Pilot Charts. The form is superb and practical, but the essential part is inside! Jimmy, the king of ocean wanderers, co-inventor of the big transatlantic rallies (with Guy Plantier from the Transat des Alizés, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, which he created has today become a well-known migration worldwide), along with his son, Yvan, has created the technical work that he lacked during his 5 round-the-world voyages. Yvan (a computer scientist and sailor), has succeeded in grinding through all the new weather observations from NOAA and observation satellites over the last 20 years, to make them easily digestible, intuitive and useable by everyone. There is no obscure theoretical padding in this nautical bible! In a time of climate change, the clever, educational illustrations by these two nautical sherpas open the doors to the high seas, give access to a mine of information which was not available before them and make the maritime universe understandable. Don't leave without it!
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