The HH44 OPEN - A catamaran accessible to all

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The innovative design of the HH44 will allow disabled sailors to get on or off the catamaran easily from the shore. Once on board, it will be easy to get down into the hulls (where there will be enough space to fully rotate a wheelchair) and to get back up on deck.
Naval architect James Hakes has designed a modern and efficient boat. Inside, the carefully-designed saloon totals 335 square feet (31 m²). At the very forward end of the nacelle, an interior helm and maneuvering station offers complete protection from the weather. The nacelle can be fully opened when the weather is fine, thanks to sliding or tilting windows, and XXL-sized sunroof.
With a displacement limited to 19,850 lbs (9,000 kg) and a 62-foot (19 m) carbon mast, the HH44 guarantees performance as fast as her big sisters.

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