The most beautiful anchorages: Secret Island

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After beating through the only narrow pass, between the coral heads just above the surface of the water, we set up camp, sheltered from the trade winds, at the foot of the coconut trees around this welcoming little beach. The island is deserted and protected, guarded only by a curious old billy goat. With the fishing in the lagoon as our only provisions, we tasted the peacefulness of this idyllic garden, savouring our ‘find’.
I’m not going to tell you the position of this little corner of paradise, for selfish reasons, to keep it as a secret place of meditation, in its wild state, in case I need to get back in touch with my inner self there.
However I will give you a clue: it is the done thing to respect the ‘custom’ with the tribe who have the tenancy of the island, a few dozen miles away on another island, which is well known, but for sadder reasons.”
Thierry aboard ‘Persée’.

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