The most beautiful anchorages: Tintamarre:

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 “We are leaving soon, for a sabbatical year aboard our Lagoon 410. Whilst awaiting our departure, here is our favourite anchorage: Tintamarre island, near St. Martin.  
This is a very nice place, where you can take a mud bath. You go ashore with a bucket of sea water and look for dried mud in the rocks, and soften it with the sea water. You then apply it all over and after 15 minutes in the sun, rinse it off with sea water: you will find that your skin is soft, very soft. It is a desert island, only inhabited by wild goats and coconut tree rats. It is a delightful place to relax; a little corner of paradise, which is only accessible by boat.”
Karen, Robert, Léa and Jane, soon to be aboard Hawa Dev

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