The scoop of the season - TS is becoming ORC, and there’s a new 57 as a bonus!

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The TS42.2 becomes the ORC 42 and the TS5, the ORC 50. Obviously, the big new model just announced will be the ORC 57. Signed by Marc Lombard, this speed machine should promise some exceptional performance.

Overall length: 60’8” (18.50 m)
Hull length: 57’5” (17.50 m)
Beam: 29’6” (9 m)
Light displacement: 24,900 lbs (11.3 t)
Mainsail area: 1,150 sq ft (107 m²)
Genoa: 905 sq ft (84 m²)
No. of berths (standard version): 8
CE Category: A

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