Model-making: A passion for multihulls!

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“All my models are home-made, including the plans, and are operated by radio-control. The hulls are made of polyester with plywood strengthening and foam/glass/epoxy superstructures. Sunreef models are 120 cm (3’11”) long and 55 cm (22”) wide and weigh 10 kg (22 lbs). The yacht's air draft is 2.30 m (7’6”). I’ve put 7 month’s work into each model.

My latest addition is this Neel 65 Evolution, which has three molded hulls and a daggerboard well adapted to take a surfboard fin, and has a carbon mast (actually a spreader tube). The deck is made from 2 mm (just less than ⅛”) thick Plexiglass and is lined with paper with planking drawn on and then epoxy varnished. As for the technical aspects, there’s a servo motor for the steering, a Regatta winch for sail handling and a 1.7 Ah 6V battery. For the engine, I opted for a Speed 400 electric motor, with an M4 shaft and a 35 mm (approx. 1⅜”) two-bladed propeller.

This trimaran was sailed in front of Château de Collioure, in the south of France. I also presented it to Neel back in November.

I'm always on the lookout for new boats - it's a shame Lagoon don't sell a model of their SEVENTY 7. My projects? A unique model from VPLP would suit me nicely...”

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