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Grand Large Yachting, the choice of ocean cruising


Grand Large Yachting, the choice of ocean cruising

Grand Large Yachting today brings together the builders Outremer, Allures and Garcia: a group which for ten years has based its action and development on long-term voyages by boat.

For Xavier Desmarest, director of Outremer Yachting and one of the founders of Grand Large Yachting, the group's orientation is and will remain the voyage, in a boat: "we are offering coherent boats, designed for a life project which can be very similar to house purchase. We interest people who are looking for a boat to live aboard, rather than just to spend the holidays. These future cruisers dream of going to sea, but keep their feet on the ground. Our boats are built to order: a project = a boat, whether it is a monohull or a multihull, in aluminium or composites, sail or motor."
And the least we can say is that this positioning is very sensible, as in a period which is not very easy economically, the group has announced a full order book for the next financial year...  With 20 blue-water cruising boats to be delivered before 31st August 2013, the production teams don't have much time to lose.


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