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Gunboat G4, the flying cruising catamaran


Gunboat G4, the flying cruising catamaran

The nautical world changed last year when we watched, stunned, the incredible spectacle during the final of the America’s Cup. Catamarans can now fly above the waves, and reach speeds which were still unimaginable not so long ago.

A dream for many enthusiasts, and it is to allow them to experience this kind of unique excitement that the builder Gunboat thought about developing the G4. A catamaran which is as fast as a racing boat, but offers real accommodation for spending several days aboard, just like in a classic cruising boat. An ‘island’ galley equipped with two burners, 100 liters of cold storage, as well as two ‘queen-size’ beds in the salon and an unobstructed view of the sea: that’s the accommodation. But G4’s ‘must’ is of course the famous foils which are supposed to allow the all-carbon catamaran, weighing just 2,400 kg unladen, to rise above the waves, to reach impressive speeds. A boat which should be hard to follow in a race...
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