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The International Multihull Boat Show: it’s coming...


The International Multihull Boat Show: it’s coming...

Pay attention, I am about to announce a ‘major event'. For the third edition of the International Multihull Boat Show, the organisers have concocted some nice surprises for us. So let's meet up at Lorient from 18th to 22nd April to celebrate together the multihull in all its forms.  

It's a party...
We all know that multihull enthusiasts are jovial people, who like to get together, party and enjoy life... The first two editions of the Multihull Boat Show set the example. On its return to Lorient, the third won't break the rule. All those who count in the world of multihulls, from the architects to the charter companies, via the equipment manufacturers, will be present. And of course you will find your favourite magazine and its full crew, as well as an incredible gathering of multihulls.
As for the celebrations, the organisers have arranged a regatta between exhibitors on the Multi 23, a particularly demanding and technical trimaran, which is also fast, and should allow the Multihulls World crew to ‘blow away' all those who dare to turn up on the start line against them. If you want to know who, from Lagoon, Catana, Nautitech or Fountaine Pajot (amongst others) finally has the best crew, come and watch the races. The results will be on our Facebook page and Twitter on the Saturday evening...   
Whilst talking celebrations, note also the official naming of Fountaine Pajot's Sanya 57. As always, the company will be providing a famous person to carry out this function. The information is being kept secret by the company; it will therefore be the first surprise of the show... 

The surprises...
Knowing the organisers well, we can expect a few big surprises for this third edition. Our informers have got wind of an order for several hundred cubic metres of sand, palm trees and sunbeds... Enough to create a ‘Tahitian' beach, which we suspect will be impressive. But for the moment this is only a rumour...which you will have to check for yourself!
Amongst the good news, we will also be lucky enough to see ‘for real' no less than...5 MOD 70s. Yes, in addition to the test carried out by Gilles (in this edition of Multihulls World), you will have the opportunity to see these dragonflies of the sea, which we are sure will have us dreaming during some memorable races. In front of our amazed eyes, we will be lucky enough to be able to scrutinize Race for Water, Gitana, Oman, Spindrift and Foncia. There is a whisper that the skippers of these wonders will be present. The trip to Lorient will be worth it, just for that.
Do you like racing multihulls? Well come and discover the boats that our friends from ‘Golden Oldies' are going to bring. The ‘Golden Oldies' are those multihulls which had the over-40s dreaming...when they were young! Incredible boats, which took part in the golden days of ocean racing in the 70s and 80s. Charlie Capelle's A Capella will be there, as will Nova, Eugène Riguidel's former trimaran. And as Eugène is almost a neighbour, perhaps he will honour us with his presence? Finally, Nick Keig's Three Legs of Mann 1 will also be present. Those are the definite. But as, with the Golden Oldies, when you invite one, ten turn up, we can expect other boats and numerous photos and exhibitions to have us dreaming.  
Finally, a centre of interest promoting the nautical industry in Brittany will have a place of honour, at the entry to the exhibitors' village. Here you will be able to discover notably how a MOD 70 is built, in the companies with expertise recognised worldwide. San Francisco has its Silicon Valley, Brittany its ‘Sailing Valley'...

What to see at Lorient
As for the first two editions, the organisers want to promote the architects, without whom none of our favourite boats would be able to sail. This ‘Multihull Club Design' will therefore allow you to discover tomorrow's projects, as well as those for the day after tomorrow. And for this, what better than the esplanade of the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly? And who knows, from one or other of your encounters with these design geniuses, your next multihull may be born, the one aboard which you will be taking your family around the world. In any case, this is an essential stop on your visit to Lorient, because there is quite simply no other place in the world where you will have the opportunity to discuss with the architects and designers, and to discover their work and their passion.   
A boat show is also, for a significant part, everything concerning the boat and its equipment. Sails, insurances, fittings, marinas, electronics, watermakers, solar panels, second-hand boats, transport, carbon masts and booms, dinghies, finance, etc., you will find everything you need to purchase, sell, equip, fit out or prepare your catamaran or trimaran, as well as to make it faster or more comfortable. When we tell you that this is a date not to be missed...

And for the holidays?
But the International Multihull Boat Show is not just for boat owners. This year, numerous charter companies are making the trip, to present their bases, their boats and above all, to tell you in detail what your next holidays aboard a catamaran in a heavenly lagoon on the other side of the world could be like. And to imagine what this means, there is nothing better than talking to the people who live there. In short, we bet that this year, Lorient will be the starting point for your next holidays.

And of course, the boats...
A boat show must, above all, present boats to the public. Once again this year, the organisers are counting on around fifty catamarans and trimarans afloat. Amongst these, there are a few new boats which already have us drooling, such as the Neel 45 cruising trimaran, which will be shown for the first time to the public at Lorient, or again the Dazcat 1195, the latest little rocket from Multimarine Composites and the Bandit 8.70 from Multid'O, a fun, liveable trimaran, built in Vietnam. Already present at the last autumn boat shows, the Leopard 44, Bamba 50, Nautitech 542 and Sanya 57 will of course be present, and should appeal to many visitors. It must be said that these are the real new boat, which are particularly awaited in their respective sectors.
Other new boats expected, but not yet confirmed as we go to press: the Futura 49, the first production catamaran with adjustable beam, the Nomad 50 and the Marsaudon 52 should also be at the show.
And then of course you can't miss the stands run by Lagoon (with the 400, 421, 450 and 560), Fountaine Pajot (with no less than seven catamarans - Mahé, Lipari, Salina and Sanya in the sailing range, Summerland, Cumberland and Queensland in the motor range), Nautitech and its two 442s (owner's and 4-cabin versions), as well as the brand new, successful 542.  
In short, there will be more than enough at Lorient to spend one, two or three good days discovering the little wonders. From the Access 6 to the Privilège 615, trimarans to catamarans, day boats to blue water cruising boats, via ocean racing, there is something for all tastes. Not to be missed!
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