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From Dean to Dream Catamarans


From Dean to Dream Catamarans

Dean Catamarans is finished! Long live Dream Catamarans! This is the press release we have received from the builder, to explain the radical change in orientation, after the management and after-sales service problems the builder has had these last few years:

“Redemption Yachts, with a consortium of owners, and European and South African investors is taking over the construction of the Dean 44, 5000 and Powerjag. The new company is taking responsibility for the 5 catamarans under construction at Dean’s boatyard.
The Dean family is no longer part of the new entity, which has bought the moulds, the business and is ensuring the continuity of the company and its 60 or so workers in the present premises, before moving shortly to new premises near Cape Town.
This will allow a radical change and new models, with productions which will be in monolithic, infusion and in aluminium (a first Jag 55 Alu is under construction) and already a new Dean 5000 has been ordered under the label Redemption Yachts.
Although the models are not changing for the moment, whilst awaiting the improvements and new features which will be brought out very soon, the ‘Dean’ brand has been abandoned, to signify a complete renewal. The new company is called Redemption Yachts (quite an undertaking –Ed.) and the boats will be the Dream 44’, Dream 5000 and Dream Jag 55.
Elsewhere, Redemption Yachts will federate other brands, by representing them, starting with Matrix Yachts.
Finally, a big distributor for the North American continent, who is both a partner, and owner of a ‘Dream 5000’, will represent the new company at the various American and Caribbean area boat shows.
You will find Redemption Yachts at the Cannes Boat Show, with a Dream 5000...”
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