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Hydros, a development in three parts


Hydros, a development in three parts

The Hydros project is taking shape, with three very distinct centres of development.

Firstly, there is the Little America's Cup, which will take place in September 2013 at Falmouth, in Great Britain, where the team will be entering two C Class cats. The first will be entrusted to Jérémie Lagarrigue and Billy Besson, the crew who recently finished third in the F18 Worlds. As for the crew of the second catamaran, it is currently being selected.
In parallel, part of the team is involved in the Hydro Contest, a competition whose aim is to get engineering schools all over the world working on the problems of marine transport and the growing scarcity of fossil resources. From September 2013, the schools will receive a starter kit in the form of a prototype, which they will be able to optimise as they see fit... Quite a programme!
Finally, Hydros is developing a mobile application within the framework of the Hydro Speed Tour, which will allow attempts to beat speed records on all possible supports, on land, on the water, on ice and in the air.  .
"Our motto at Hydros is to multiply the energies put at our disposal by the natural elements", Jérémie Lagarrigue, the head of the Hydros project explained. "In our case, the energy comes from the wind, and our emblematic support, L'Hydroptè, allows us to sail at twice the speed of the wind. The C Class catamaran will allow us to increase this ratio to 2.7, and we want to encourage the public to tend towards these results, or even improve on them." 

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