MultiHulls World, the essentials for catamarans and trimarans
MultiHulls World, the essentials for catamarans and trimarans
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Multihulls World - issue 133

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CONTENTS OF N°133 January/February 2014

All the multihulls on the market - All the new boats
2014 buyer’s guide
The day- boats
Multihulls over 40 feet
Multihulls from 41 to 50 feet
Multihulls over 51 feet
The catamaran yachts
Motor multihulls
The technical specifications of all existing multihulls


Sabbatical Year:
why you must!

Blue water cruising: the aim – independence!

From Phuket to Reunion: a nice cruise in a cat across the Indian Ocean

Leopard 48
Lipari 41 Evolution
Second-hand test: Nautitech 475

Dr. M: all about knots...

Spot 16/9
News from the pontoons
The world’s builders
Multihull Match
Dr. M: all about knots...
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From the editor
For another dream...
This is a good period for multihulls, those fantastic dream-making machines. There was of course the phenomenal America’s Cup final, with revolutionary machines flying above the waves, propelled by a rigid wing and blithely sailing at over 40 knots. Result: close-contact racing like we have never seen before and a magic spectacle!
And then there are the modern-day adventurers, who each year at the same period set off again to attack the most spectacular records. Thomas Coville is setting off again for his 4th singlehanded round-the-world trip on his trimaran Sodeb’O, whilst Francis Joyon, aboard Idec (singlehanded), and Yann Guichard aboard Spindrift (crewed), want to attack the Atlantic records... We haven’t finished getting up in the morning and diving onto the internet to follow these exceptional sailors, who will soon be joined by Lemonchois, Le Cléac'h and Gabart. We will dream of it, without even daring to imagine ourselves at the helm of these ultimate machines, which the ordinary sailor couldn’t even take across the bay whilst remaining upright...
And then there are those who dared, who left and tell us about their voyages to the other side of the world, as a family, a couple, or even singlehanded. They leave and offer us the dream that one day, we too will join them in a lagoon somewhere, aboard our multihull...

To all those of you have us dreaming, just one word: thank-you, and enjoy life now...

JC Guillaumin
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