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Oceanvolt – Harness the Power of SEA®

Oceanvolt, is an award winning manufacturer of electric motors and energy management systems for sailboats and catamarans. Oceanvolt systems offer clear benefits compared to diesel engines. The systems are silent, lightweight and maintenance free. Oceanvolt offers both sail drive and shaft drive motor models.

The Oceanvolt SD system has a patented, flexible mounting to attach the motor to the sailboat hull to absorb vibrations. This feature also makes it possible to refit or install the electric motor system on any boat between 20-85ft.

Oceanvolt systems create energy while sailing - up to 4000W per motor, monohull or catamaran. This will recharge the batteries quickly. Complemented with solar power and shore power, there is almost no need for using generator while sailing. Compared to traditional diesel motors the Oceanvolt electric motors have no gears or components that wear out or parts that need to be replaced in yearly service. The customer could save up to 60% on their operating costs if motor sailing seven hours a day all year long.

Oceanvolt has also developed a smartphone app that will show you the system’s state of charge and status, as well as the location of your boat and other useful info, anywhere in the world. This same system is also used by Oceanvolt’s service team to monitor, diagnose and remotely service customer boats incase something were to happen. It is called Oceanvolt RSI- Remote Service Interface.

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Anna Hietanen, Marketing Manager, Oceanvolt, +358 40 5925210

Vanha Talvitie 1,
00580 Helsinki,


+358 40 717 6336



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