Eclipse Xtrem 10.8 - A little rocketship in wood/epoxy!

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These multihulls are all built in wood/epoxy and are available in various stages of completion. The latest project announced by shipyard boss, Alain Berthet, is both consistent with the existing range and highly innovative... While it remains habitable, the Eclipse Xtrem will be much smaller than its sisterships and above all, really cut out for speed. Its size is modest, with a length of 35’5” (10.8 m) and a beam measuring 19’8” (6 m) and a displacement that shouldn’t exceed 2,650 lbs (1.2 t). This ultra-light displacement - made possible thanks to very careful construction (in wood/epoxy, of course!) - promises speeds of 25 knots! The manufacturer has also announced a forthcoming version with foils. The launch of the Eclipse Xtrem 10.8 is scheduled for early summer - Multihulls World will of course be there!

Kit price: around € 80,000 ex-tax
Finished, ready to sail: about € 130,000 ex-tax 

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