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Published on 25 september 2015 at 16h11


Torqeedo, electric motors for sailing catamarans from 12 to 15 meters and hybrid multihulls for professional use.

"We were once pioneers.
Today we are market leaders"

As pioneers in the field of water-based electromobility, they have set many standards since founding Torqeedo, reinforcing the lead of our motors over all other solutions available on the market.

Superior technology and revolutionary benefits are what they set out to achieve. And every product that Torqeedo brings to market meets both these criteria. All their drive systems operate at record levels with regard to overall efficiency, the most important measure of electric propulsion, as it determines potential power and range for a limited battery supply.

Torqeedo offers outboards and inboards, electric motors and hybrid drive systems ranging from 1 to 80 hp. There are also all sorts of functional and innovative accessories – from lithium batteries and solar charging equipment to smartphone apps.


Torqeedo GmbH Friedrichshafener Strasse 4a 82205 Gilching Germany


+49 (0) 8153 / 9215-100

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