200 Special - The Multihulls World saga

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Following the famous issue 0 sent to many potential readers and professionals, the fledgling editorial team received many letters in English. Advertisers from across the Atlantic showed an interest in the magazine. From issue 1 onwards, this correspondence was published. This desire to open up internationally was confirmed in MM n°18: the editorial team published their first English Digest. The idea of publishing it as a magazine was in the air. But we still needed to find the right translators, specialized in the field of boating, and to weave a network of correspondents all over the world... This was done by June/July 1990 and Multicoques Mag n°29 was translated into English, and the title Multihulls World was launched. This 29-edition gap continues to this day. On the occasion of the 100th and now this 200th edition, we looked into making up for this delay. But unfortunately, the press commission won’t allow us to do this.


International magazine

From then on, Multicoques Mag was no longer simply Franco-French. Its content, identical to the English-language version, had to include news from all over the world. And this is why the editorial team don’t hesitate to travel to major sailing events such as the Düsseldorf show in Germany, but also Miami and Annapolis in the United States. At the beginning of the 1990s, the presence of multihulls at shows was still a timid affair, but they were an opportunity to discover new models and test them. While many of our articles are written in French and then translated, more and more copy is being received in English - a guarantee of a greater diversity of points of view and culture. Today, our willingness to feature sailing areas and multihull production around the world is still the same, and therefore international. Until MW n°168, the magazine’s layout had one big technical constraint: apart from the covers, only the key plate (black) – those of all the texts except the identical titles - was different between Multicoques Mag and Multihulls World. Well, when all was going well: in the December-January 1992/1993 issue, the first Buyer’s Guide was published in English in MW n°15, but also in MM n°44!

Since MW169 (the latest edition of the Buyer's Guide), the magazines have been printed independently: the cyan, magenta and yellow plates are different, allowing total freedom of layout and... content! So, what’s the next step for Multihulls World? A branch in ...

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