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International Paris Boat Show 2016 edition : The Day-Boats

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Corsair Pulse 600 NEW 2016

This is the year’s major new boat from Corsair, which is re-launching into fun, sporty day-boats.
The Pulse 600 is above all a performance-oriented boat, whose high-tech construction gives it good performance under sail. The program for the Pulse, which like all of the company’s range is built in Vietnam, is clearly fun and speed for 3 or 4 people, who will be really comfortable in the XXL-sized cockpit. The small forward cabin will allow you to stow equipment, a picnic, or the spinnaker, and is particularly easily accessible, with its large opening. Nice.
The Pulse 600 can be folded and transported.

Builder: Corsair Marine International
Length: 6m
Beam: 2.10 / 4.50 m
Weight: 450 kg
Mainsail area: 19.1m²
Jib area: 7.1m²
Spinnaker area: 32m²
Price: 35,900 US$ exc. VAT

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Astus 16.5 NEW 2016

The Astus 16.5 is the new boat to be discovered at the Paris and Düsseldorf boat shows. This brand new trimaran was designed by the VPLP design office - the first time the builder has worked with the famous architects.
The Astus 16.5 is built to the same standards as the other trimarans in the range, with notably floats on telescopic tubes to avoid dismantling when storing, and a daggerboard for ease of use. The Astus 16.5 is available in a choice of ‘Club’ or ‘Sport’ versions (built using infusion), and can be equipped with a small motor, for lovers of coastal ‘raids’.

Builder: AstusBoats
Length: 4.94m
Beam: 2.50/3.80m
Weight: 180 kg
Mainsail area: 13m²
Jib area: 6 m2
Gennaker area: 19m²
Price: 14,900 euros inc. VAT

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Stiletto X-Series NEW 2016

Back in the seventies, the Stiletto was a catamaran much loved by fans looking for a combination of great sailing and coastal camping. A really versatile boat, and now the concept is being re-launched under the name of Stiletto X-Series. The new Stiletto is intended to be simple and elegant, but also quick and sexy: the real deal!
The Stiletto X-Series is a catamaran which is easy to launch and transport, but also easy to handle, with its self-tacking jib. Most importantly, it has better performance than its illustrious predecessor with a foiling version with T-shaped rudders.

Builder: Stiletto
Length: 10 m
Beam: 5.10 m
Draft: 0.20 / 1.22 m (1.83m for the XF version)
Mast height: 13.70 m
Price: US$89,999

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Windrider Rave V NEW 2016

Today’s ‘flying boats’ are all complicated, expensive and require great skill to sail them correctly to their maximum potential. This is what Windrider, one of the pioneers of the popularization of foilers, observed. The latest version of the famous Rave, called the Rave V is being developed, and should even be sailing as you read these lines. The builder’s advertised aim is to offer the excitement of foilers to the greatest number of people, with a comfortable, easy-to-handle trimaran, aboard which to enjoy the pleasure of flying to the full...

Builder: WindRider
Length: 5.60m
Beam: 4.40m
Weight: 136 kg
Mainsail ...

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