MODX 70 - Twin rig and wide sails

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You like innovative multihulls? Do you miss the Hydraplaneur we were on about earlier? You’re in for a treat with the MODX 70! This new 100% renewable energy cruising catamaran is indeed equipped with the latest generation technologies allowing it to manage without fossil-based energy: there will be no generator on board. To achieve this feat without jeopardizing safety, the MODX 70 designers decided to launch a catamaran large enough to support a very powerful battery bank while increasing the potential area of the solar panels - it stretches to 750 square feet (70 m²). The two motors are capable of a 100-mile range. The fully automated rig is perhaps the most amazing feature as the two retractable carbon masts - one on each hull - each support a 1,345 sq ft (125 m²) inflatable wing. These two wings ensure a 35% better performance compared to a conventional rig with the same sail area. The principle of this catamaran is to reach 10 knots very easily to ensure efficient hydrogeneration (thanks to the variable pitch propellers) of about 3 kWp. Hull #1 is already in build, using 38% biosourced epoxy resin, 40% recycled PET foam, flax fiber and cork. And if anyone is doubting the determination of the team behind the project, take a look at the first hull coming out of the mold in Lorient on February 22nd this year!
Launch is scheduled for this coming fall. 


Builder: Ocean Développement
Architect: VPLP
Length: 70’ (21.33 m)
Beam: 32’10” (10 m)
Air draft: 15’1”/75’6” (4.6/23 m)
Displacement: 50,700 lbs (23 t)
Sail area: 2 x 1,345 sq ft (2 x 125 m²)
Hydrogeneration at 10 knots: 3 kWp
Solar panels: 12 kWp
Batteries: 230 kWh
Drivetrain: 2 x ...

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