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Multihull of the Year 2023 - You’ll soon be able to vote for your favorite multihulls!

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This formula, which offers interaction with you, has won over a very large audience - multihull builders in particular. As for the strength of the two- or three-hull leisure boating industry, it ensures rapid renewal of the ranges and their share of innovations - what more could you ask for? Following the success of our first five Multihull of the Year elections, the 2023 edition promises to be as exciting as ever:
  • An international selection of new models
  • MOTY rules have been legally filed - and can be viewed online
  • Participation of your votes exclusively

The juries from Multihulls World and Multicoques Mag have already met to select the 2023 nominees. For this edition, we’ve decided to keep the number of categories at 4 in order to keep your motivation intact, but not forgetting to open a much-awaited new division - Forever Green, of course! Each category will have 5 challengers, making a total of 20 nominees.


For this 2023 edition, we have altered our previous timings a little: the announcement of the nominated multihulls will take place live from the Miami Boat Show in order to open the voting immediately.
To vote, nothing could be simpler: from February 15 - opening day of the Miami Show - until April 9, 2023, on the election’s dedicated website: 
The official results of the election will be announced on April 12 during the International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte in the South of France.
So, get to your ...

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